The Email Log

We have been inundated by the hundreds of beautiful letters, cards, phone calls, and emails.  Your words assiduously attended to our emotional comfort and deserve an equally heartfelt response.  This is our response, appreciation, and gratitude to each and every one of you. As a tribute to Jahan’s free and freed spirit, the messages of condolences are posted in this E-mail Log as an indication that she was admired much by many. 


Dear Zaman,

Please accept our sincere condolences on your loss of Jahan. I was shocked and saddened and praying for you and your family during this difficult time . I visited Jahan's website and was very impressed with her significant humanitarian work throughout her life- you and your family must be very proud of her legacy.

I also lost my wife too early. Nancy passed away in 1994 after a one year battle with a brain tumor. She was only 46. I remarried after 12 years to  a wonderful friend , Dorothy, in 2006, who was a friend and classmate of my younger brother, Alan, in the Class of 1970 at Anacortes.

I understand the pain and difficulty of losing a loved one too early in life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.


Les and Dorothy Moller

Burlington, Washington


As you know we as a community missing her a lot and we pray to God for his blessing to her she was a great honer to our community while she was here.

We all miss her a lot and also thank you for dedication and community support

Javad Taheri


So sorry about your loss.  May Jahan's spirit forever soar among the stars.

Gabriel Hilmar

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are."--Joseph Campbell


Dear Dr. Stanizai,

Wow 40 years. Wow what a glorious woman. I remember meeting her once and being so impressed with her presence, her elegance.

I am so sorry for your loss. 

Blessings to you



Dear Dr. Stanizai,

Wow 40 years. Wow what a glorious woman. I remember meeting her once and being so impressed with her presence, her elegance.

I am so sorry for your loss. 

Blessings to you


Thinking of You


Professor Stanizai,

I was so so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear wife. When I saw you at Pacifica a couple weeks back, I did not know about this sadness in your heart.  But I know now, and I am sending you many prayers.

I was so touched that you were in the audience for my oral defense; your presence meant so much.

I shall go to the web site that you and your family have created, and again, all my condolences.

Bowing with gratitude and grace,

Julia M. Morris


What an awful loss, Zaman. 40 years of relationship--this is a tough road. Solitude is hardest to bear when you have known life without it.

So many of us care for you and believe in you. I hope that does its small bit in parting your dark night. I know from all that you have written that deep within you is a place where solitude holds with it ecstasis. May you find that sweet spot in your meditations and there also your cherished Jahan.

With very warm regards,

Your friend,



Dear Zaman,

This was the first I have heard about your loss of Jahan. I am so sorry for your loss, and will, as Quakers say, hold you and your family in the light. What a beautiful memorial site you created for her. It is very moving.

Blessings, Mary

Professor, Community Psychology/Liberation Psychology/Ecopsychology Specialization

Pacifica Graduate Institute


Stanizai Family,

I am so sorry to hear of the passing Jahan. May the cherished memories of times shared together carry you through this difficult time.

In deepest sympathy,

Susan Chaney


Dear Dr. Stanizai,

I am so sorry to hear of your wife Jahan's death. Thank you for sending each of us the link to her memorial. It was a beautiful and touching service. She certainly is a very remarkable woman who will continue to inspire those who love her, radiating out to those, like me, who have only just the tiniest of glimpses of her life. I am profoundly touched. 

May the coming days, weeks, months, and years hold each of your family members tenderly, with her essence infusing your lives always.

My deepest love and respect,

Laurie Larsen


I'm so sorry I just knew Sis.Jahan passed away. My deepest sympathy to Br. Stanizai and family for your lost. I know sis. Jahan is very nice person and loving mother, May Allah place her in Jannah.

Moety A Moerad


Hello Zaman: 

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. May your wife rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your children.

Keti Garber


Mr. Stanizai,

I found the news right now

Jahan was passed away,

it is very hard to accept, need time.

She was very kind and intellectual woman,

Mustafa, Sara and Nadia’s mom as well,

Afghan’s peace angel as well.

I pray for her from Tokyo, Japan,

to Jahan in heaven.

Your philosophy student,

Junichi Koide


My Dear Teacher,

I am so saddened to learn of your beloved's death. My loss is that I did not get to know your remarkable partner in this plane of existence. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family. And I stand with you and with her in interfaith dialogue and peacemaking.

With Deep Sympathy,

John Marboe


My condolences for your loss. She seems like a very inspirational person indeed. Best wishes for you and your family.

I am currently working at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System doing a one-year fellowship in patient safety. It is challenging, but I aim to do my best in contributing to the safety of hospital patients by reducing medical errors. I am not sure where I will end up working upon my completion here. We'll see how well I handle the winter here in Pittsburgh. I don't miss Los Angeles yet. Whatever happens to me and where ever I go, I'm sure it'll be an adventure, and I will use my Buddhist practice to meet my challenges head on.

Peace to you, and please stay in touch.

~David Strohm


Dear Zaman,

I cannot tell you how honored I am to receive this notice from you, though I am overwrought with emotion that the life of this beautiful soul should have left your side so prematurely. 

As you have so eloquently expressed, love and beauty are but a reflection of God's love and beauty. And so we know that the spirit of your beloved wife, Jahan, lives on through the spirit of the Divine, and through all of us who serve the divinity within.

I can only offer that the fruit of Jahan's endeavors are soon to blossom in the hearts of humanity in the coming months and years and throughout eternity--and I know that she will know that her intentions for truth and justice did indeed make a difference. 

May there be perfect peace for you and your family on this blessed day.

Love, Laurie


ps: I will write more later as I am moved

and you may write any time you like.

I am fortunate that through Jahan's site,

I have discovered your hidden "Treasure" on youtube.



This is beautiful.  I never know what to say during these times.  Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

In myth,

Kwame Scruggs


Greetings, Zarman:

This is what I said today, in a nutshell:

"I was most inspired by Jahan's poise - her ability to be graceful and respectful, even when challenged."

Aftab Singh

Sikh Minister and Yogi.


Assalamualikum Warahmatullah 


I am very sorry for your loss. We sincerely send our condolences. I just found out from Evans yesterday at 4 pm. May Allah grant you and your family patience and reward your emotional sufferings. May Allah grant her Jannah and be pleased with her. Aameen. 

Farzana Cassim


Dear Zaman,

Such a pleasure seeing you at the CCAIA meeting at the Iman Center yesterday.  Thank you so much for coming.

I  was there when Jahan laughed and laughed at the neighbor's parrot.  What Stephen didn't mention was how she somehow connected the whole experience to God in that moment.  If I remember correctly, she mentioned Rumi.


Dear Zaman:

I was one of your students at Pacifica. I want to express my deepest thoughts and prayers for your loss.  I will continue to keep your family in my conscious thoughts.

Thanks you for your extraordinary dedication to peace in our time.


Thom Allena

THOM ALLENA, Ph.D, Professor of Peace Studies

University of New Mexico


Dear Zaman: 

I was so sorry to hear about Jahan.  My prayers are with you.

Angelo D'Elia



السلام علیکم. محترم وروره خدای دي وکړی چي روغ او جوړ به یاست، نن ورځ مي د آغلي جهان ستانیزي د مړیني خبر تر لاسه کړ، چي رشتیا شي ډیر مي خوا په بده سول، الله تعالی دي تاسو ته اجر او صبر درکړي، او آغلي جهان ته مغفرت . په درنښت فداء نن ټکی آسیا


To the Stanizai family , my deepest Simpathy for the loss of your beloved Jehan . May Allah be with her . I pray from my heart for the soul of an Afghan woman who thought of her Country as well brought honer , courage , and was pride of her family and afghan community . I wish I could join on the Peace Sunday with all to pray for her . May god be with all Stanizai family . 

Shahla Andesha


Asalaam O Aleykum, I was at Jahan's memorial at the Islamic center; I was very touched by your strength as a family and outpouring of love from the community, all coming from the seed that Jahan had planted in her lifetime, insh'Allah that seed keeps blossoming in your lives and in Jahan's current Spiritual Garden. Nouria


جناب استاد گرامى اسلام عليکم و رحمت الله،

بازهم مراتب تسليتهاى عميق قلبيم را بپذيريد، بنظرم خانم عزيز شما که روحش شاد  وهميشه  قرين رحمت ايزدى باد خانم خوشبختيست،خرا که درکنار شخصيت خبير و با معرفتى چون شما ٤٠ سال عمر عزيزپر بارش را سپرى کرده  و تا جائيکه  ازمطالب مندرج درصفحه ويژه تان بر ميآيد او درقلب شما جا داشته لذا در قالب اشعار ناب  شما جا گرفته است و اين نشانه بارز يک را بطه سالم ،  ثمر بخش ،عاطفى و معنوى ميان  زن و شوهر همدل ميباشد. عزمت اندوه فراق تانرا درک ميکنم ولى چه  کنم که ،بازهم جز توصيه بصبر بشماهديه ديگرى ندارم.استعينو بالصبر و لصلوت ......ان الله مع الصابرين.

خيلىها علاقمندم تا درين مجلس پر شکوه حضور يابم ولى متاسفانه از يکطرف بعد مسافه و از جانبى ديگر مادر رنجورى دارم که نميتوانم اورا تنها بگذارم. اميدوارم عذرم را پذيرا کرديد و از من آزرده  خاطرنشويد.

در حقتان دعاى خير ميکنم و روح جهان آرا ى مرحومه را شاد و غرق مغفرت و رحمت الهى ميخواهم.

سعادتخواه دارين تان

داکتر فيضانى


Mr. Stanizai, it is truly my honor to be connected and get the benefit of your amazing insight, wisdom and thoughtfully crafted messages.  I am truly sorry for your big loss, my sincere condolences.  Wish I was closer and to attend and extend my respect to you and entire family but hope that I will have an opportunity to meet you in person.


Atta Arghandiwal

Award winning Author, Lost Decency

Zaman, I so appreciate this beautiful commemoration of Jahan and reading the huge display of support you have received. Jahan was clearly an amazing woman with the energy and passions of a hundred souls. Her flame burned so brightly but much too shortly (forgive the overused metaphor, but in Jahan's case it seems so true). I feel particularly upset that during such contentious times someone as prepared as Jahan is taken from us. 

My thoughts and heart are with you and your family. I think about you often and always with the hope that you will be held in love during this time. Your work continues to be needed and your presence in the world is very important.

Although we don't know each other well I am fond of you and would do anything for you and your lovely family. Please let me know if there is anything you need. I am not far from Los Angeles.

Thank-you for staying in touch with me all these years. 




Dear Zaman:

You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad I was able to be at the service at the beautiful Center. It was a lovely tribute for a remarkable woman.

Love really is all that remains. Take care of yourself and hold your children close. 



Dear Zaman: Sandy and I will be remembering Jahan tomorrow during this amazing and so well deserved tribute to a life lived in the fullness of love and service. We will be thinking of you as well, for the great partner you were to her. Much love.


Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D.


Dear Zaman ,

I did not believe yet that Jahan has passed, I wished to be beside you in all the ceremonies, she was a great woman. 

May God bless her,

Farid Ahmad Stanizai


Dear Stanizai Family,
It is always sad to lose one who is so loved by all. We have been out of town and today recieved this notice of Jahan's last days and of the eloquent speech spoken by Zaman. We did not have the pleasure of meeting Jahan as so many did, nor did we press hands in friendship, but to all the family, please accept our most sincere condolences over her death.
And dear, dear Zaman I did go to the  dot org website and read some beautiful words. Sorry we cannot be at the Interfaith Community services to honor her. Our thoughts are with you always. Peace,
Eliud & Elisse Martinez
Riverside, California


Gene Rothman

I will never forget Jahan. At the CCAIA, she shepherded the completion of the Peace Declaration with patience and perseverance. This Peace Declaration might, I hope, become part of her ongoing legacy. I should make clear that Jahan and I had our differences. I have long been an advocate for the rights of Palestinians, but we did not always see eye to eye about the Middle East. That said, I both respected and admired her willingness to be outspoken about her views. I have participated in--and know about--many Muslim-Jewish dialogue groups. One of them maintains its bonds by agreeing not to discuss Israel and Palestine. This, in my view, is not the way to make progress. I certainly prefer Jahan’s path of first establishing bonds of friendship and then moving toward dialogue about our differences. What I learned from Jahan on a personal level is the importance of being willing to move beyond one’s comfort zone and engage in such dialogue. I did not do enough of this with her, but I have vowed to do better in the future. This is her legacy to me on a personal level. I will miss her presence and her willingness to speak truth to power.


Ali Siddiqui

Dear ZamanWe were so saddened to hear of Jahan's passing. Although her loss has left her family and friends grieving, the time will soon come for gathering all the beauty and accomplishments of her life into the pages of memory, to be held in your hearts forever. You will find comfort in memory, for it is a beautiful place where loved ones are reunited and in time, tears will be replaced with a gentle hug, each time you remember.

We're holding you close in our thoughts, dear friend.  As we offer our prayers for Jahan, we also pray that the love of God surrounds you and your children so that you feel His Compassion, His Grace and His Love, leaving you in peace and comfort. 

With our heartfelt condolences,

Ali and Doris Siddiqui


Pirayeh Khalili

Dear Zaman Agha:

I hope you are doing well!  I was unable to find the typed translation of the poem titled Rose by itself, it is at the end of the letter I wrote to everyone when my father passed away. You can read it in the attachment.

There is a movie named "Love Comes Softly" which is based on a novel; among many other things that helped me, when I lost my beloved ones; it is heart-warming. Just as in the movie, I found myself in a deserted place in the middle of nowhere. But life always has its own strange turns and surprises.

May your life be filled with peace and joy!




Linda Groff

Hello Sara,

Many thanks for your reply.  I will really miss your mother.  She did so much to contribute to interfaith, peace work, and our LA community.  I know this must be a very difficult time for your family--including your dad and you.  You are all, along with Jahan, in my thoughts and prayers.  

Am sure you had a lovely memorial service for Jahan.  Just wish I could have been there.  

Love to you all,  Linda


Getty Azod

Dear Zaman,

I am very sorry for your lost. Jahan soul joined her beloved, may God give you and your children healing power to find peace in this hard time and strength to connect with her soul.

With best wishes to you and your family please let me know if we can assist you in any way possible.

With God blessing upon you



Saideh Namazikhah

Dear Dr Stanizai, 

I am really sorry about lost of your lovely wife please accept my condolence. 

Saideh Namazikhah


Yuval Ron

My dear friend Zaman,

Please accept my deepest condolences on the great loss for your family and my deepest wishes that dear Jahan's soul is resting in peace now. I was traveling most of the summer and just received the shocking news.

When would be a good time , that I may visit you to simply play for you some introspective solo Oud music?

Please write back at your convenience.




Ken and Kari Vonnegut

Dear Zaman and family, Our hearts break at the news that Jahan has left this world. We were truly moved by this news. We understand that your faith sustains you at this time and would like to send our prayers for strength and love  to you all.                                  

Zaman, we have thought of you and Jahan so many times since your visit here with us this past January. I think I can say that Mom and Dad would be very proud of you . Kari and I send our profound condolences and abundant love to you and your family.    Ken


Zalmai Tooryal

Kandahar University

Kandahar, Afghanistan

سلامونه او احترامات مي قبول کئ

په ډیره خواشينۍ سره مي د مېرمن جهانتاب عالم ستانيزي د مړيني خبر ولوست 

انالله و اناالیه راجعون

نن د ژوندو له شمېره د يوې ډیري درنې کورنۍ مور خپلي سترګي پټي کړلې روح دې ښاده وي

څښتن تعالی دي پرورحميږي او الله پاک دې ددې مور برکتونه پرتاسو نازل کي 

د نوري خواخوږۍ له پاره که خپله د ټليفون شماره ، د مشر ستانيزي صاحب د ايميل ادرس او ټليفون شماره راولېږۍ

خوښ به سو

جميل صبر مو نصيب او پر ژوند مو دخوښیو باران 



Asif Nehan 

در رسای جهانتاب : استاد بزرګوار سلام، مرا درین انده جانګاه با خود همراه بدانید جهانتاب همصنفی نهایت ګرانقدر ما بود وهست وتا جهان باشد جهانتاب است نهان


Najib Farhad

محترم داکتر ستانیزی

وروسته له سلام زما خواخوږی ستاسې د ژوند د شریک مړینې له کبله ومنی  څه د مولانا  په الفاظو کښې ښه بیان شوی

نجیب فرهاد 

رفتی تو بدین زودی تو باد صبا بودی   ماننده بوی گل با باد صبا رفتی

نی باد صبا بودی نی مرغ هوا بودی   از نور خدا بودی در نور خدا رفتی


Stephen Sideroff

Dear Zaman;

I wanted to touch base with you and let you know that Freda and I are thinking of you and your family. 

Also, I wanted to extend an invitation to you.  Jahan was an important part of our Board, for the time she has been with us. I don’t know if you are involved with any other non profit, but I’d like to extend an invitation to you to come on to our Board.  I think it would be great to have you and I think you would also gain tremendous benefits personally.  You may want to check out our website below for our activities.

Warm regards,


A. Kazemi

Jenabe Stanizai,

My deepest condolences for your loss. May the soul rest in eternal peace in the Abode of the Beloved.

Warm regards,



Joan Temple

…anything I can do for you and your family at this time?

Sending peace and love,



Amir Boozari

بسمه تعالی

در سینه هر سنگ، دلی در تپش است    از این همه دل چه سود اگر عشق نبود؟

دکتر زمان گرامی،

از دریافت این خبرناگواربسیارمتاسف ومتاثرهستم. قصد داشتم درمراسم بزرگداشت ایشان شرکت کنم ولی شوربختانه میسرم نشد. 

لطفا مراتب تسلیت و همدردی عمیق مرا بپذیرید. از خداوند منان علو درجات و شادی روح آن بانوی فرهیخته و صبر و تحمل برای جنابعالی و بازماندگان مسئلت دارم. 

ارادتمند--- بوذری

مرگ اگر مرگ است گو نزد من آی     تا در آغوشش بگیرم تنگ تنگ

من از او عمری ستانم جاودان             او ز من دلقی بگیرد رنگ رنگ


Dr. Said Abdullah Kazem

برادر محترم جناب داکتر صاحب ستانیزی سلام

 از وفات مرحومه خانم شما اطلاع گرفتیم، نهایت متأثر هستیم. ازخداوند بزرگ برای مرحومی جنت فردوس و برای شما و همه فامیل محترم صبر جمیل خواهانیم عبدالله کاظم و راضیه کاظم


Gulalai Sahar

Salaam Zaman jaan,

I wish to pass my condolences to you and your family. She was a great lady, and we will all miss her dearly. Bless her soul and may she rest in peace. 

Please give my regards to everyone, from me, Wahid, Suraia, Zalma, and Mariam in Toronto Canada.



Fardad Foroutan

Hi Zaman,

It really saddened me to hear this terrible news. Even though, I did not know you and your wife that well and we only met for a few times to discuss your project, but I could tell that she was a warmth and caring person.

I and my wife were both shocked, more than anything, and still can not believe it, as she was not much older than me. Sorry that we could not attend her memorial service, as we are not in Los Angeles at this time.

My condolences to you and your family and may god give you all inter-peace in this emotional time.

Best regards,

Fardad & Azi


Janet MacLeod

My sympathy to the family.

Janet MacLeod


Fernando Miranda

Mr. Stanizai,

I just found out today about your wife's departure. My condolences to you from me and my family. If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. Peace to you and your loved ones.

Fernando Miranda


Dennis Slattery

Dear Zaman:  Please forgive my forgetting your wife's name. I loved the times we were able to visit. I am so sorry for your loss. Please accept Sandy and my condolences. We send you much love in this terrible time of loss.


Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D.

Core Faculty, Mythological Studies Program

Pacifica Graduate Institute.


Hafiz Karzai

Dear Br.Stanizi! Salam my condolence to you and all Alam's family and Marhoma's brother Alam Jan,may Allah shower her with his mercy Thank you for sharing.Bye Hafiz Karzai


Mary Elizabeth Perry

Dear Zaman,

I am so sorry to hear of the death of Jahan Stanizai and that I was not able to 

join you in celebrating the life of this special person yesterday at the Islamic 

Center of Southern California.  I know that your faith is a deep comfort to you 

and your family especially now.

Sorrowfully, but with many blessings to you,



Leslie Stoupas

Please accept my condolences on your loss. I have been reading about Jahan and she sounds like an amazing woman, scholar and intellect. What a loss for the interfaith community, and of course, for you personally. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Leslie Stoupas, Ph.D.c

Pacifica Graduate Institute, Mythological Studies


SimranKaur Khalsa

Dear Zaman,

Good afternoon!

Thank you for such a beautiful memorial service for Jahan. One could feel how much she was loved by so many.

And thank you for allowing me to share about the love that the interfaith community has for her, she will be missed but remembered as we go forward with our interfaith work.

I really enjoyed all the wonderful stories about her, and even though I didn't understand your poem, just listening to you was healing, soothing, and beautiful to the ear.

Peace, Love, and Light,



Joan Temple

Zaman, I have no address for you and couldn’t find one.  Rather than send a card to Evan, I am using the very modern email.

I am sorry that I could not attend on Sunday.

I send you and your family heartfelt condolences and love and prayers.

Please take care of yourself.

And if you need something, please feel free to call.



Merille Glover

Dear Dr. Stanizai:

I am so sorry for your loss, but happy for the celebration of Jahan Stanizai's life.

Merille Glover


Bridget Overton


I am so glad I was able to be at the memorial yesterday along with so many Evans survivors. You and your beautiful grown children and friends remain in my thoughts, prayers and meditations.

Take care of each other as I know you are. Peace and Blessings always!



Fakhrunnisa Faizani

جناب استاد ګرانمايه و جميع اعضاٰي خانواده شريف و عزاداررا پس از عرض سلام و تمنيات نيک قلبي تسليت ميګويم،انا لله ونا اليه راجعون،

التجامندم خداوند بي همتا  هميشﺡروﺡ متوفي را قرين رﺡمت و مغفرت خويش قرار دهد. اينکه ناوقتتر بپاسخ ګويي شما ميپردازم و دليلش هم خداٰي نکردﺡ نه کم توجهي و بي مهريست بلکه خواهرم با خانواده اش از کانادا ﺁمده بودند و من بمعيت ايشان بمسافرت بودم روي اين علت به ايميل هاٰيم اصلا نپرداخته ام که اميدوارم با بزرګواريتان مرا مورد عفو قرار دهيد.

صبر ﺁ جميلﺁ او اجرﺁ جزيل

خواهر سعادتخواه تان

دکتور فيضاني



I am so very sorry for your loss, Zaman. My heart is with you during these fragile and tender moments of aftermath. Peace be with you and your family.

I am so sorry I wasn't in L.A. during the service.

with warm regards,

Deborah Wilday


Leslie Shore

Zaman: It's Lesley Shore from Olympia, Washington. Please accept my soulful lament for the loss of the beautiful and brilliant Jahan. I am sorry that we never met. She is most certainly a soul of wonder ~ whether on earth or in paradise. Even so, it is painful beyond recognition for us to lose those we love so deeply, it is our heart that breaks.

Please know you and your family are in my thoughts and depth of consciousness.

I am hoping to send you something to your home or office, whatever is appropriate. Is there a postal address you can share? Yesterday,  you were in my thoughts as well. What a challenging day it must have been, for all of you, to honor and lose someone so deeply connected to others, in this earthen world.

With love,

Lesley (and family)


Dawn Elder

Dear Zaman

No words seem adequate at this time but I wanted you to know how deeply sorry I am for your loss. In our brief conversation I found Jahan inspiring and I had hoped to someday meet in person and share and discuss more music together.....All your wonderful work on the transliteration of our recording is now more precious than ever to me.   Ustad Mahwash , and I and all send our love and prayers to you and your family, and please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you or your family. 

Peace & Blessings, Dawn

Oh heart, if one should say to you that the soul perishes like the body, answer that the flower withers, but the seed remains. ~

Kahlil Gibran



Salam, I wanted to email you to tell you how sorry I am about what happened to Mustafa's mom...she was truly one of a kind.. She was always honest even when the truth hurt, because she had the ability to foretell the future if something was ever based on a lie.... She had a way of giving advice that would stick and that would not go out the other ear.... I've spent many hours with her, and yes, we may have bumped heads at times, but I would always look forward to hanging out with; how could I not, she had a hand in raising Moose, so she was anything but 

ordinary.... I wish I could've seen her one last time, to just sit with her, be in her presence, because I am going to miss her.. I know she's in a better place, and all we can do is pray that we'll get though this, iA...


саша мналим ова

                       “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.” – Helen Keller

Dear Dr. Stanizai,
I am deeply sorry about the loss of your beloved wife, and I send my deepest condolences to you and to your family.My prayers and thoughts are with you all during this horrible time. May Allah provide you the strength you need to cope with this at the soonest time. May Jahan rest in peace.

Aleksandra Mnalimova (your former student) and family

саша мналимова.


Taher Ayati

Dear Dr. Zaman

While admiring your perspective on surrendering to the divine wish to call us back, I am still in shock of losing such a valuable lady so soon.  My deepest condolences to you and her relatives, especially to her children who have lost such a mother so soon.

Enna LelAllah, va Enna Elahe Rageoon.



Carolyn Williams

Hi Zaman,

I am so sorry to hear of Jahan's passing. I just looked at my email which was too late to attend the celebration of her life today. However I will add her name to our parish book of prayers and intentions so one more faith community is thinking and praying for her, and for you and your family.  I did not know her long or have much opportunity to sit and listen to her thoughts, but I will always remember her loving tribute to you at the Sufi prayer program at the Skirball museum several  years ago. I also heard her comments on civility on your website and have bookmarked the IRC-SoCal website to review their goals and mission in greater detail later.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do during this difficult time.

As always, peace and blessings,



Jean Worland

Thank you so much for inviting me to the service for your dear Jahan.  It was a blessing to be there and to know what a lovely son, son-in-law and daughters you have.  I pray they will be an encouragement to you in the days and weeks ahead as well as you to them.  And I’m so glad Jahan’s family are nearby to support you during these difficult times.  I included some scriptures that I hope might be of comfort to you, Zaman.  You and your family are in my prayers.  God bless, Jean

P.S. It was a most touching ceremony, thank you again.

P.S. The bulletin for lovely Jahan was so special too.


Abdul Popal

My dear brother Mr Zaman Stanizai, and his family,

Salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah, wa baad, inna lillah-e- wa inna illaihei rajeuoon. I am deeply sorry for the demise of our former student and wife of our colleague, Mrs.Jahantab. May God almighty bless her soul, and I pray for her to be blessed by God jal w allah shanoho.I pray for her to be in the gardens of paradise. I pray to God to give patience to Dr Stanizai and his children to bear such an enormous loss in the family.

God bless Mrs Jahantab.


Abdul S. Popal 


Emmanuelle Patrice

Dear Dr. Stanizai

My heart is saddened for your lost.

I wish you and your family grace and peace in the days to come.


Emmanuelle Patrice


Enayat Sharif

دانشمند ورزیده و ګرامی داکتر صاحب ستانیزی

همدردی و تسلیت عمیق خود را به مناسبت حادثه المناک و ماتمی که متاسفانه به شما وارد آمده ، خدمت شما ودیګر  بازماندګان  مرحومه و خانواده ګرامی ابراز میکنم 

من از طریق برنامه های بسیار علمی و آموزنده تان با شما آشنایی غایبانه دارم  لطفا مرا در غم خود شریک بشمارید

با احترام 

عنایت شریف 


Dr. Sami Ahmadzai

Dear Dr. Stanizai. 

Please accept my sincere sympathy on the death of your respected mother. God bless her.


Sami Ahmadzai, MD


Deborah de Prieto

Dear Professor Stanizai and Your Family,

We were shocked and saddened to hear of your deep loss. Our heartfelt prayers are with you today, and always in celebration of your beautiful wife's life.

Please take care, with love and in peace,

Your Friends,

Deborah and Paco


Odette Springer

Dear Zaman,

I am so sorry for your loss. 

Sending you and your family peace and blessings.

With Kind Regards,

Odette (from Pacifica, G Track).


Victor Huey

So sorry to hear of Jahan's passing.  Janice and I share in your hour of sorrow and loss.  Her contribution to peace and understanding around the world will not be forgotten.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to make it to the service today, but our minds and hearts will be there.  Best wished to you and your family.


Terry Pearce

Zaman: I am so very sorry and shocked. She was so very complete; thoughtful, wise, lovely, forthright. I only met her at the forum, but have heard from you both since, and marveled at your partnership. I have lit a seven-day candle for her and for you, and send my thoughts and prayers.

Much love, 

Terry Pearce

Founder/President Leadership Communication


Eduard Uzumeckis

Dear Zaman,

Elizabeth and I send our deepest sympathy to you and your family. Jahan was an inspiration to us all.


Eduard Uzumeckis, MFA, PhD


Marion Melchiorre

Dear Zaman,

With great sadness & empathy, my heart reaches out to you and your family.

Jahan, such Beauty and Strength, always was such a Presence when I was fortunate to see and speak with her at Evans' events.

What a great loss to the world, yet she left the world a more beautiful place.

Regretfully, I'm in San Diego this weekend, otherwise I would certainly have joined you, your family and our Evans' family at her memorial.

August 20 is my birth date,and I will always keep her and you in my thoughts.



Tohidi, Nayereh E

Dear Dr. Stanizai,

So sorry to hear the bad news!

Please accept my sincere condolences on this terrible and untimely loss.

I am out of town, otherwise would have attended the ceremony.

I will be with you and your family in spirit.

With sympathy,

Nayereh Tohidi


Kit & Beth Vonnegut

Hello Zaman,

We are so sorry to learn of Jahan’s passing.  Thank you for letting us know.  Although we haven’t seen or spoken with her since that dinner at your apartment in Seattle so long ago, in a very real way you brought her with you during your recent visit here, when you spoke about her, described your home together and showed us photographs.  Thank you for bringing her, however briefly, into our lives again. 

We regret that we are unable to attend the memorial service tomorrow, but know that we are thinking of you and your family in this difficult time. 

Peace and Blessings.

Your friends,

Kit & Beth Vonnegut


Marc Yablonka


Cam Tu's and my deepest sympathy on the loss of Jahan. May the merciful God be with her and your family in this time of your sorrow.



Khaled Ekour

Salaam Dr. Stanizai,

I am very sorry to hear about the passing of your loved one. I am sure that she will be missed by many people. I was a student of yours in the Spring of 2012 at Dominguez Hills (Khaled Ekour). I am sorry that I cannot make the memorial service because I am currently living in Taiwan. May Allah reward Jahan with eternal blessings in the after life. 

Take care and may the Creator bless you and your family,

Khaled Ekour


A. Rahman Zamani

محترم ستانيزى صاحب!

پدې وسيله د ځان او خپلې کورنۍ د ژور خپگان او غمرازۍ مراتب تاسې، ستاسې کورنۍ او د الحاج محمدنورخان علم کندهاری کورنۍ ته دراستوم، او دلوې خداى له درباره میرمن جهانتاب علم ستانیزی ته د بخښنې  او غمژنو کورنيو ته د جميل صبر غوښتنه کوم .

عبدالرحمن زماني


Cantu, Roberto

Dear friend,

Please accept my deepest condolences, and thank you for including me in the list of people who received the sad notification.  I will embrace you when we see each other in the near future. 
With my warmest regards,
Roberto Cantú 


Amber Zeta

Dear Zaman, 

I am sorry for your loss and I float prayers to the Divine for you.  May your beloved's journey be blessed on the other side. 

Bright blessings, 

Amber Zeta


Thuzar Win

Assalamualikum Warahmatullah 


I am very sorry for your loss. We sincerely send our condolences. I just found out from Evans yesterday at 4 pm. May Allah grant you and your family patience and reward your emotional sufferings. May Allah grant her Jannah and be pleased with her. Aameen. 



Maria Siciliano

I am sorry to hear of her passing and your loss. My prayers for your family. 


Maria Siciliano


Brian Gould


I am so sorry for your loss.  I didn't know Jahan was ill.  I don't know what to say.  I will miss her presence at the philosophy club and I'm sure I am not the only one.  I will remember Jahan and her many kind words fondly.  I am out of town and unable to attend her memorial service.  However, I will be sending good thoughts your way in this time of your grief.  

Warmest regards, 

Brian Gould


Majid Roshangar

Dear Zaman

It is so sad to hear this.

I  am confused. Please tell me that this is not your wife?

As we say, روانش شاد.

I will be out of town on Sunday. I will try to see if I can cancel the Sunday arrangement in order to attend the memorial. If I could not, please accept my deepest sympathy. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.Please accept my heartfelt condolences.



A. H. Emon

Dear Br. Dr. Zaman Stanizai,

As-Salaamu Alaikum,


Inaa lillaahi wa innaa illayhi raji'oon

I am very sorry to hear that your wife Mrs. Jehan Stanizai, Esq.

passed away on Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013.

My wife just received the sad news today from Sr. Farzaneh Jafferi

of Torrance, CA

May Allah (swt) place her in the highest station in Jannah

and give You and the family the strength and patience to bear the loss. 

Best Regards,

Akhtar & Rashida Emon


Planaria Price

Dearest Zaman, 

I am so very sorry to hear of your incredible loss.  I really liked Jihan and so enjoyed the wonderful conversations we used to have at faculty parties.  I feel especially sad because for years, I always wanted to have you both to dinner so we could really get to know each other and time always got in the way.

My love to you and your children.  I will try to be there tomorrow.



Eric Vollmer

Dear Zaman,

My condolences to you and your family regarding the passing of Jahan.  She was certainly a wonderful spirit and I'm very glad to have met both she and you at the Philosophy Club.  

My Best Regards,

Eric Vollmer



Dear Dr. Stanizai

I am very sad and sorry to hear this news, she was very young and beautiful inside and outside, and it is a big loss for all of us and bigger loss for you and your family, I'm sure.

Please accept my sincere condolences and my apologies for not being able to attend the memorial service.

God bless her soul, insha,Allah

P. Kadivar


Cyrus Ghazvini

I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I will be in NorCal then so cant attend but I will be down 30th of August Friday next week so hope to see you at jumah at Iman.



My deep feelings for all the family and community, Zaman, for Jahan's departure. 

Blessings, and a calm silence ~



Beth Anne Boardman, PhD

Oh, Dr. Stanizai --

I am so sorry to hear of this great loss -- both to you and your family and to the greater community....  

My thoughts and prayers are will Jahan and all of you....

Many blessings,



Serajudin Wahaj

با تأسف زیاد ، اعلان ِ وفات « مرحومه جهانتاب علم ستانیزی » را دریافت کردیم . این حادثۀ تأثربار را به جناب داکترزمان ستانیزی و همه اعضای خانوادۀ شان تسلیت گفته ،

 روح ِ متوفـّی را شاد می خواهیم  .  با احترام « سراج وهاج »


Jet Nesa Bland

Deepest and most sincere condolences to you and your family.

Jeannette Bland


Carol Rizzolo

Dearest Zaman, I am so sorry to read of Jahan's passing. I will hold you in our prayers in this most difficult of times. 

With heartfelt sadness, Carol Rizzolo


M. Omar Zahidi

Dear Dr. Stanizai,

I am thrilled to have found  and talked to you and your beautiful life partner. I value and commend you for your hard work and talent. 

From the your title I can see that you have earned a 




Mohammad Ghaferi

از جمادی مردم و نامی شدم                  وز نما مردم ز حیوان سر زدم

مزدم از حیوانی و آدم شدم             پس چه ترسم ؟ کی ز مردن کم شدم

حمله ی دیگر بمیرم از بشر                    تا برآرم از ملایک پرّو سر

وز ملک هم بایدم جستن ز جو                   کلِ شیئیٌ هالک الّا وجهُهُ

بار دیگر از ملک پرّان شوم                     آنچه اندر وهم ناید آن شوم

پس عدم گردم عدم  ، چون ارغنون                  گویدم کانّا الیه راجعون

بازگشت همه ی ما به سوی اوست

دوست عزیز و دانشمندم

در از دست دادن یک عزیز چه می توان گفت که مایه ی تسلای خاطر بازماندگان شود؟ زبان از بیان باز می ماند و ذهن از گردش ایام در حیرت. فکر می کنم همین سفر پیش بود که سرکار خانم جهان را دیدم و کمی گفت و گو کردیم. اینک او در میان ما نیست. مطمئنم که در جایی بسی بهتر از این دنیای خاکی ما به سر می برد. بر اثر این گونه رویدادهاست که شخص به شکنندگی خود و این جسم ضعیف پی می برد. راهی است که همه باید برویم. جالب است که من هم در این سفر که تهران بودم برای خودم قبر خریدم. واقعاً که: کل شیئیٌ هالک الا وجهه

ولی به اعتقاد ما،علیرغم از بین رفتن این جسم خاکی، زندگی ادامه پیدا می کند. و برای افراد نازنینی مثل سرکار خانم جهان در جایی بهتر و محیطی فرح افزاتر

من درگذشت زودهنگام سرکار خانم جهان را به شما دوست گرانمایه ام و فرزندانتان تسلیت می گویم وبرایتان بقای عمر توأم با عزت و افتخار آرزو می کنم

دیر و زود این شکل و شخص نازنین                      خاک باید بودن و خاکش غبار


محمد غافری


Sultan Faiz

Us Salamu aleikum wa Rahmatullahi ta'aala wa Barakatuhu: 

Inna lillahi wa inna ileihi raji'oun.  Please accept my heartfelt condolenses and my prayers are with her and I pray to Allah (Subhanahu wa ta'aala) to forgive all her shortcomings and fill her grave with the Light of the Noble Qur'an and expand her grave.  

I pray to Allah (Azza wa'Jal) to Bless all of you with patience and perseverance and make this journey easy upon all of us as well.  Death is the ONLY guarantee we have and if I was in your part of the country I would've attended the funeral.  Allah Hafiz.


Eng. Mohammad Yusof saha

د تسلیت پیغام

ګرانه ماما جانه

دغه غمجن، خواشینوونکی او نا څاپه خبر دلته په کابل او لوګر کې د ټولو دوستانو زړونه وه بوږنول. دلته په کابل او لوګر کې مونږ ټول تا ته او د کورنۍ ټولو غړو ته د تسلیت پیغام وړاندې کوو. مرحومې ته د لوی خدای له درباره د فردوس جنت او تاسو ته د جمیل صبر غوښتوونکي یو

د امکان په صورت کې خپله د تیلفون شمېره له موږ سره شریکه کړه تر څو مور دوی وکولای سي درسره په تیلفون په کرښه خبرې وکړي

په درنښت

م.یوسف سها


Ameer Afghan

گران ورور داکتر صاحب زمان!

زه له مریضی نه مخ کی خبر ووم او دعا گانی مو ورته کولی ، بیا هم مرگ د انسان په لاس کی نده ، که نه نو دمرگ وخت یی نه وو، یوازی کار چه موگ کوی سو او هغی ته گته رسولای شی هغه دعا ده چی تول دفامیل اعضا به یی انشاءالله له خپلو دعاگانو نه هیروی ، دیره مهربانه او شریفه بی بی وه ، خدای دی مغفرت کی او فردوس  دی د هغی مکان وگرزوی ، شخصا تا او تولو اولادونو ته یی صبراوتسلیت غوارو، خدای دی ددی پوهی عالمی برکت پر تولو بازماندگانو واچوی او باقی دی خدای ستاسو درنه کورنی له غمه وژغوری نن سهار وختی ایمل د مرحوم محمد زمان زوی هم خبر شوی وو او ماته یی زنگ وواهه ، چی دهغه تر تماس نیولو پوری زه د هغه تاثرات هم وسیلتا دررسوم. په درناوی - فرید او کورنی.


Eng. Hismaty

گرانه ماما جانه

د لاندنی خبر په اوریدو سره له حد نه زیاد خوشینی سوم او نه سم کولای سی خپل خفگان او تاسف د الفاظو په چوکات کی تاسو او ستاسو قدرمنی کورنی تا وراندی کرم. پاک الله دی جنت فردوس ور په برخه کری او تاسو تا دی الله پاک، جمیل صبر اعطا کری O قالو انالله و انا الیه راجعونO. دلته تول خبر شول او تول خپل تاسف، تاثر او خوشینی تاسو ته اظهار وی. مور جانی می وویل چی له ماما نه د کوم تیلفون شمیره یا د سکایپ نشه وخله او ما ورسره وغگوه. دیره جیگرخونه ده تاسو ته او ژاری که تاسو وو کولای شی د یوی اریکی فرصت فراهمه کری، نو د زره تسلی به یی وشی چی تاسو ته دیره زیاته نارامه ده. 

زه نه پوهیگم چی له کابل نه زه سه کولای شم تاسو ته؟ پر ما امر وکری؟ 

ستاسو دعا گوی

صفی الله عصمتی


Malalai Youssofzay

Dear khanzaman jan,

Really sorry to hear about Jahantab jan's death, it was shocking sad news ,

Zahir also conveys his condolences, if there is any thing that we can do please 

think us as your own family, wish we were close

with regards



Mohammad Amin

بعد از عرض سلام به بازماندكان مرحومي از عالم دوري در حق شان دعاي رحمت و مغفرت مينمايم و از باركاه حضرت ايزدي طلب صبر جميل به بازماندكان مرحومي مينمايم. انا لله وانا اليه راجعون. 

داكتر امين از كانادا


Valerie Curtis-Diop

Salaam, Zaman:

I share in the shock and grief of losing Jahan at such a young age.  My heartfelt sympathy to you and your children.  I apologize that I will not be able to attend the memorial on Sunday since I have prearranged plans with my grandchildren.  My thoughts will be with you.

May Allah bless her and give strength to all of you.



Nafise Azizi

ماما جانه سلام

د گلی د ناببره مرینی له کبله زمونژ د تولو د زره له کومی خواخوگی او ژوری اندیشنی ومنی

له لوی خدای نه تاسی ته د زره صبر  او گلی ته جنتونه غوارو 

او دعا کوو چه دهغی خدای بخشلی روح شاد وی. امین   

ستا خورزه 



Habib Hotaki

ګران ورور داکتر زمان ستانیزی  تاسی اوستاسی درندی کورنی ته سلامونه

دکرانی اودانشمندی حور ارواښادی میرمن جهانتاب علم ستانیزی دمړنی دردونکی خبرمی ستاسی دایمل او نورو دوستانو دتلفونونو له لری په  ډیر تاسف  تره لاسه کړ انالله وانا الله راجعون لوی خدای دی وبخښی تاسی ،ستاسی کورنی او حاجی محمد نور خان علم درندی کورنی  ته دخپل خان او کورنی  له لوری تسلیت وړاندی کوو اوستاسی سر ه په  دی لوی غم کی خان شریک بولو

له هغه خایه چی می د سیاسی او حقوقو په برخه  کی دماستری ،ارواښادی جهانتاب ستانیزی سره له نژدی پیزندل ا و ددی دعلم او پوهی نه می خبر درلود نوخکه ددی مړینه  دافغانی ټولنی دپاره یوه لویه ضایع بولم ،بیا  هم تاسی اونورو دوستانو ته دزړه تسل دلوی ربه هیله لرم  .امین یارب العالمین
Habib Hotaki



Mr. Stanizai,

I would just like to express my deepest condolences to you and your family. I am sorry to hear about your loss. 


Edclaire Malapote 


Ani Zonneveld

I am so sorry to hear about Jahan's passing. Thoughts and prayers to her, you, and your family. 


Ani Zonneveld


Hamoud Salhi

Hi Zaman,

Just want to tell you that our prayers are with Jihan and you and your family. Please let me know if there is anything I can do,


Mourad Zerroug

Assalamu alaikum Dr. Stanizai,

My sincerest sympathies on the passing of your wife. My Allah grant her forgiveness and the eternal garden of Firdaws. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji3oon.



Maher Hathout

Dear Zaman

I feel a crushing sorrow as I write to you and to Sarah and the know how Jahan and yourself are close to Ragaa and I.

We ,like you are ,holding tight to our faith in God and in a final life of eternal bliss .Please consider us family .

I will not be able to share the final farewell at Rose Hill as physically We are unable to. We will be at the center on Sunday isA

May God grant her mercy and grant you acceptance and patience.

Maher and Ragaa

Peace and blessings

Dr. Maher Hathout


Tariq Baha

Respected Dr. Sahib Stanizai,


Please accept my sincere and heartfelt condolences due to your loss. May Allah bless her soul and place her in heaven. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Unfortunately, I am leaving the country tomorrow and will not be able to attend the funeral services. May God bless you and family with patience!!


Tariq Baha


Shala Andesha

I am so sorry for the loss of your family. May Allah rest her soul in peach in heave. My condolences to the Stanizai family .



بدین وسیله تسلیات خود و همسرم بی بی حاجی را به جناب شما و خانوادۀ گرامی تقدیم میدارم و از خداوند برای والدۀ مغفوره طلب مغفرت و به شما صبر جمیل خواهانیم. با عرض حرمت فرید یونس 


Jeff Zahir

Dearest Brother,

My soul just went dark.  I can't express how very saddened I was to hear this news. 

Please accept my humble apologies that I can't be with you at this time, but I hope you know how very dearly I hold my memories of you and Gulli.  You both changed my life for ever and will be remembered by all the Zahir's as THE most exemplary couple to have touched our lives.

Khoda pai man my friend.  

Jafar Zahir


Mohammed Adina

Dear Mr. Stanizai, We are very sorry for your lose, please accept our deepest condolences since we are unable attend the funeral due to time constraint. May God bless Mhrmon Jehan Stanizai and give you and the rest of the family the strength to cope in this sad occasion. 


Haidar Adina


Dr.Rohullah Ahmadzai

گران او دردمند ماما جانه اسلام و علیکم و رحمت الله و برکاتُ!

وړاندې له هرڅه لومړۍ تاسو ته د لوی خدای (ج) له لوی دربارڅخه د ستر صبر او زغم هیله او غوښتنه کوم. موږ ټول دغه لار مخ کې لرو او بالاخره وروسته یا شاته په همدغې لار ور روان یو، یوازی هغه څه چې مهمه دی هغه دا دی چې له ښو او غوره اعمالو سره هغې نړی ته سفر وکړو او په دې دنیا کې زړه سواندي دعا ګویان له موږ څخه پاتې وي. زه فکر کوم چې ستا په شان دانشمند، با ایمان او ستر شخصیت چې خپل د ژوند ډير کلونه یی انسانانو ته د خدمت لپاره وقف کړی وي او ستاسو د کورنۍ ټول غړي؛په دې دنیا کې آغلې متوفیٍهِ ته د بخښنې او مغفرت دعا وکړي چې دا په خپله لویه نیکمرغي ده چې موږ او تاسو د خپګان او ماتم پرځای په هغه عمل وکړو.

بیا هم ماما جانه پوهیږم چې ډير سخته تمامیږی چې خپل عزیزان او نږدی کسان په ژوند کې له لاسه ورکړو او زه پوهیږم چې په تاسو څه تیریږي. په دې توګه غواړم چې له تاسو سره غم شریکي وکړم او د لوی څښتن له دربار څخه د متوفیٍهِ لپاره د فردوس جنت هیله کوم!

په الله دی سپارم،

روح الله احمدزی


Amin Tarzi

Please accept my most sincere condolences and may she rest in peace. 

Amin Tarzi



پتمن ورور ښاغلی ډاکټر صاحب زمان ستانیزی


د ځان او خپلې کورنۍ د ټولو غړو له پلوه د ارواښادې روح ته د دعا په کولو جنت الفردوس غواړو ، تاسو او د متوفی مرحومې مغفورې د کورنۍ ټولو غړو ته د زړه صبر او تسل غواړو. خپل ځان ستاسو په دغه غم کې شریک بولو

رحمت آریا


Ahmad Shirzad

سلام اقای ستانیزی گرامی

وفات خانم جهانتاب ستانیزی را خدمت شما و همه باز ماندگان آن مرحومه مغفوره

تسلیت عرض نموده برای آن مرحومه طلب امرزش و برای خانواده محترم شان صبر جمیل ارزومندم

با عرض حرمت

انجنیر احمد شیرزاد هالند


E. Mayar

 برادر محترم و گرامی جناب ستانیزی صاحب. خبر وفات همشیره محترمه،  که مرحومه را یکی دو بار در قبرس دیده بودم.  نهایت متاثر گردانید. از بارگاه لایزال برای شان مغفرت طلب مینایم و جنت فردوس را مکان ابدی شان 

التجا مینمایم.

برای جناب شما و بازماندگان از دربار رب الجلیل صبر جمیل استدعا مینمایم و مرا در غم تان شریک بدانید

. احسان الله مایار


Ehssanullah Mayar


Baha, Zarjon

We will pray for her soul to be in Paradise and express our heartfelt condolences to the families of Stanizai sahib and  Kandahari sahib.

Best wishes always



Ramat Zirakyar

Mohtaram wror Dr. saheb Stanizai! Assalamoalaikom!

Da wrandar arwah de shada wi aw tase ta de Hask Tsashtan sabar dar krri. Hagha zamog na rokhsat shwah, kho doham zhwad ta sarlwarre warnanawatalah. Da arwahshade wrandar marrina da  kam elma  aw mahroom Pashtun wolas lapara yawa loya zae-a wa. Za os pa Europe  ke yam aw da september pa 7 california ta stanegam. Inshallah che der zar ba dar sara pa  tamas wanisam. Zirakyar


Shagnan Ahadzada

مابه روح مرحومۀ متوفی مغفرت وبه فامیل ودوستان محترم ستانیکزی حاحب صبرجمیل خواهانیم . والسلام  .داکتر احدزاده


Safoora Arbab

Dear Zaman,

My deepest condolences on your very sudden and traumatic loss. I am most saddened and shocked to hear about Jahan. I saw both of only a few weeks ago at UCLA and she seemed like her normal self. One is constantly reminded not to ever take anyone or anything for granted. They transform so quickly. 

I am in Pakistan or would have come to see you personally. I am away till January but hope to come and see once I'm in LA.

I wish you and your family great fortitude and sabar at this sad and traumatic time. 



Saraj Adib


بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

بادریغ و افسوس، خبر در گذشت مرحومه « جهانتاب علم ستانیزی » را دریافت کردیم، واقعأ متأثر شدیم و در این راه جز صبر وحوصله و همچنان دعای نیک چیز دیگری نمی توان کرد، بناأ به نمایندگی از خانواده و دوستانم خود را در غم شما عزیزان شریک میدانم و بدینوسیله تسلیت خویشرا به دوستان و خانوادهء مرحومی عرض نموده و آمرزش الهی را برای وی مسألت میداریم.

                    سراج ادیب( دنمارک  23 اگست 2013 )


Daood Moosa

Dear Friend,

It is with great sorrow that learn about the demise of your dear mother-in-law. 

May she rest in eternal peace.

As you may know, my family's relationship with your in laws extends as far back 

as seventy years or so. My deepest condolences to your wife and children as well.

Best regards,

Daood Moosa

From Kabul


Nake Kamrany 






Omar Noorzay

Zaman jan Salaam, 

I am sorry to hear about your loss. May Allah forgive her and bless her with a place in paradise. Losing a loved one is never easy. May Allah give you and everyone in your family saber during this time of grief. Will keep you and family in my prayers. Please extend my condolences to everyone. My dad also wanted to convey his condolences to you and your family. 

InshaAllah, I will see you soon. 


Omar Noorzay


Fazel Ahmed

با عرض سلام و احترامات من تأثرات عمیق خود وفامیلم را خدمت داکتر صاحب زمان ستانیزی و فامیل ګرامی شان عرض از بارګاه زات پاک الهی برای مرحومه مغفرت و جنت برین آرزو و برای فامیلهای ستانیزی صبر جمیل میخواهم 

در حفظ خداوند باشید

با عرض حرمت مجدد

انجنیر فضل احمد افغان  


Bashir Zikria

Dear Dr. Zaman Stanizai;  ASA

Please, accept our profoundest condolences in regards to your recent loss. May Allah (sts) give you patience and long life to you and to other members of your family.


Prof Zikria


Mohammad Noorzay

Dear brother Stanizai sahib, since I M out of the country and will not be back until Tuesday August 27th to attend the funeral so please accept my condolence. May Allah bless her soul ameen. Ena lellahay wa ena elayhe rajion


Hamed Madani 

Zaman jan, I just heard about the passing away of your wife. May Allah bless her soul and our thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and Noor jan.

Hamed Madani


Sajia K

سلام اغای استانیزی

مشیود که برایم یک زنگ بزنید 

اصلا باور کردنی نیست که من این خبر را مشنوم

خداوند رحمت اش کند چرا در این جوانی این دنیا را ترک گفت

خداوند شما را صبر بدهند و جنت برین جای جهان عزیز

غیر قابل باور است دلم تکه تکه شد



Fazl Mogaddedi

انا لله و انا الیه راجعون 

وفات خواهر عزیزه را بشما برادر ګرامی و خانواده ستانیزی و تمام دانشمندان افغانی تسلیت ګفته برای مرحومه جنات فردوس و برای شما صبر جمیل و اجر دارین را میخواهم 

فضل غنی مجددی 


A.  Arghandiwal

Salam doctor saheb, please accept my sincerest condolences. Our entire family's prayers are with you all.


Attaullah Arghandwial


Dr. Ahmad Farid Raaid

گران او قدرمن ماما جانه!
د نن جمعی سهار رشتیا په یو اسفباره خبر پیل شو. مرحومی مامانی جانی ته برین جنتونه، د لوی رب رضا او تاسو او کورنی ته مو شایسته صبر غوارم.
مرینه یی یوه لوی ضایعه ده او مونز تول یی دلته غمجن کرو. ای کاش لاری نژدی وای درسره وای او خدمت مو کری وای.
تاسو ته یو حل بیا له لوی حستن حخه د صبر غوشتونکی یو.
انا لله و انا الیه راجعون.
په لور تمکین،


Obade Popal

Dearest Professor Stanizai,

My family and I are saddened by this sad news. Kindly do accept our sincere condolences, and may Allah Almighty give Khuday Bakhiley Jahantab the best of Jannah. May Allah Almighty give her Jannatul Ferdaus! Amen. And may He give you and yours patience and make this difficult time easy on you all! Amen.

Most sincerely,

Mohammad Popal & family


Fareed Wardak


Dr. Sahib, I am so sorry to hear this; May God be with you and your family in such hard days. 

May she rest in peace and may God give her Janat-ul-Ferdous. 

Dr. Sahib, I am so sorry for your loss; May be she is in peace now; I wish you much rewards for the sufferings and all the care you give her.  Please do accept our deep-hearted condolences.

Ena-lelahe Wa Ena-Elaihe-Rejeaon.


ai m mojadidi

As'Salam-alaikum wa'Rahma,

Please accept my deepest and most sincere condolences on your recent loss. May the gates of heaven welcome there  soul and grant them compassion & mercy. 


Abobaker Mojadidi



انا لااله و انا علیه راجعون. I am truly saddened. I want to attend, however I am on a special mission in Tucson, AZ. This is the loss of a very dear friend. May God give you the stamina and perseverance to bear. 

Asad S. Farhad



محترم نور جان و داکتر صاحب ستانیزی

از وفات نا بهنگام جهان جان ستانیزی امروز اطلاع یافتم

بدین وسیله مراتب تسلیت خود را به شما و فامیل های محترم تقدیم نموده برای مرحومی بهشت برین و

برای شما از خداوند متعال صبر جمیل را استدعا می کنم

چون نمرهء تلیفون تان نزدم نبود ، از راه ایمیل با شما تماس گرفتم

خداوند شما را در پناه خود داشته باشد

با عرض ارادت

نعیم حکیمی

دالاس تکزاس


Leland Stewart

Dear Zaman, Sarah, family and friends: 

I am most sad to hear of Jahan's passing.  We had been told that she was not recovering from the chemo, and I was often inquiring of Rev. Basia as to how she was doing, but her actual transition was hard for me to accept as actually having happened..

Yet I know of Jahan's great spirit, and I know how much she contributed to the lives of so many people.  She will long be remembered and appreciated for the life she led.  We wish you, Zaman, and her daughter Sarah, the best in accepting her passing and knowing that her spirit lives on.  She was a wonderful example to countless numbers of people, and many prayers were spoken and shared in her behalf.

Please let us know when the memorial service will be held so that we can attend.

Love and blessings,



Ed Miskinyar

Salaam Zaman Jan....

I wanted to pay my condolences inshallah jinat naseeb shan bashad. I will talk to you bakhair soon.