Remembering Jahan

Second Anniversary Tributes

August 20, 2015

I thank all those who sent their tributes to Jahan on her second anniversary.

On Jahan's behalf I you all for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers on her second anniversary. With gratitude I appreciate your comforting words whose spirit lifted me up from the shadows of sorrow to a realm approximating light, mirth, and merriment. There Jahan’s images filled the screen and scope of my perception in what could otherwise have been moments of somber solitude.

Peace and blessings,


The first time she was in my dreamREALITY after her transition, she was wearing a CRIMSON LONG jacket I bought her—identical to the CRIMSON SHORT jacket she had bought the day before—not too different from the two folds of the crimson sun parasol petals. Her silhouette against the bright SUN (Jahantab—her full name means shining over the world) CLIMBing the stairs and from behind the big glass WINDow of our OLD HOUSE, she DIvEs through the VEIL of the big glass window that melts away and INTO MY HEART as I am setting in the TEMPLE—my prayer room from whence her soul departed. Once more the oneness evaporated as I woke up to yet a newer reality.

The column on the left beloware comments and or permission to post the tribute sent in by friends.

The column on the right are tributes to Jahan posted here in the order received.


Hi Aba, I know today is never fun for any of us now but I want you to know how thankful I am to still have such an amazing Aba in my life. I kept myself busy and distracted today but always let mommy into my heart, I just needed some time to myself so I'm sorry I didn't call you. I spent the day working on myself and my home and being grateful that I have the two best parents anyone could ask for. I love you more than anything and every time I get stressed out about school or anything else I just keep in mind the day that I get to take you on vacation (Alaska? Greece?) And it makes it easier to work through. I'll call you tomorrow after a good night's sleep and some R and R and we can catch up. I hope you're day was filled with positivity and beauty and again I love you! 


How did that happen??!

I know, I saw it on the website. can't wait to see where it was in the garden. Love you, Aba!


Please do, Zaman. 

The poems on your website are exquisite. You are mourning in the most beautiful way. I am sure she grieves in your grief, and yet delights that you are so devoted and endlessly charmed by her and her spirit. God too, I am equally sure, dances with you. Such purity is rare. It is a very beautiful thing for us to observe. I like too, if I am right in saying this, that it is the true spirit of Islam.


Dear Zaman, 

Not only is this a beautiful poem but it amazes me to learn that it was only earlier today that I remembered Jahan as one of the very few people in Interfaith who was genuinely interested in The Aetherius Society, and as a friend.

Be well.

Paul Nugent

Absolutely you can post it , she was a great lady

May Allah SWT bless her Sole

Samir Younis

Dear Zaman,

Yes, please add my words to the posts.

Thank you for your lovely tribute. How wonderful to have had such an amazing life partner to share many years of the journey through this veil of tears and unveiled ecstasy.

I would also like to share how powerful it was to read through all the mementoes as they each speak to the power and beauty Jahan trails behind. She blessed this realm with her full being and transitioned to the next, always moving, in ever spiraling circles of love. 

I see that Jahan continues to bring forth her majesty and commitment into this world, continues making it a better place. May we all be blessed with such a mission, such a destiny! 

Her life, spiraling into my life, unmeet on this path, yet recognized, beloved. I am blessed and filled with gratitude for her life, her presence, her essence, her example.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! You express your grief with such an open heart that it heals my own, and reverberates, reminding me that the veils are thin and our love is powerful!

In deep gratitude and many blessings,

Laurie Larsen

With all my heart. Many blessings, Katherine.

Thank you for your lovely tribute. How wonderful to have had such an amazing life partner to share many years of the journey through this veil of tears and unveiled ecstasy.



How wonderful of you to write for her.

“Death belongs to life

as night belongs to day

as darkness belongs to light

as shadow belongs to subtense

as fallen leaf to the trees

Death belongs to life”

Nafisa Abdullah


Thank you dear Zaman

I'd be honored

I  feel privileged to have known and loved Jahan

Keep on living your life as your true self,

The one she loved so much.

She told me that.

Blessing to you


Dear Zaman

Thank you for sharing this precious poem.

It speaks to me on a deep level.

Wishing you a peaceful summer.

Jennifer Glaser


This is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

All my best to you and your family.

With peace and love

Luis Galindo

Of course, 

Much love



Thank you for including me.  


Terry Pearce


Beautiful and touching!



May she rest in eternal peace InshAllah.

Our prayers are with her.

Ilker Yildiz


No need to have asked! By all means my friend. Sometimes you meet someone in this life just once, and for a couple of hours over a meal at that (!), and you just know he or she is a special person. Jahan was that type of person for Cam Tu and me. 

Blessings to you both.

What a wonderful tribute to Jahan, Zaman. Hope you are healing and well.

Marc Yablonka


ډیر اعلی شعر د  ډیر درانه ټنګ ټکور سره د ډیـرې درنې خور جهان ستانیزۍ  د مړینې د تـلیـن په نـیـولو کې کارول شـوی دی. دوه ځلې مې واوریـد او په فکر کې ډوب شوم چې ګوندې خور مې ژوندۍ ده! خو پوه شوم چې په روح کې مې  ژوندۍ ده او جـسماَ د هسک څښتن غـیـږې له تللې ده. ډاکتر  رحمت ربی ځیـرکیار، ۲۰ اګست ۲۰۱۵  

beautiful thoughts, beautiful words, and beautiful deeds . That is you my dear Ostaad.

thank you

Dear Ostaad Zaman;

I cannot believe how time flies so quickly. Another year passed over Jahan's memory and you are still 

mourning for her absence. She is in a better place and watching over you always.

May God bless both her soul and yours and keep you for us and for life.



Love & Live


Dear Zaman 
This is beautiful. 

May her continuing memory be a blessing to all. 

Jet Bland


Hello Professor Stanizai,

I was your student many years ago, and I just wanted to let you know the way you honor your wife is beautiful.I only saw her once, and she was indeed lovely,  but more importantly, the way she is remembered makes me feel that the love we feel for others is so much bigger than our losses. Thank you for your continuing inspiration.

Warm wishes,

Elizabeth Burr-Brandstadt

Oh,please.. my memories of Jahan are  very private  and  to be  shared  with you only! 

But do what you think   is  going to be  good  for Jahan !!! 

Anna Thomas

... I have  been often thinking: with Jahan's brave and  direct approach to all subjects,  and  my questions.. what would Quranic Forum have been like if we were both there? :-0

Are  you alright ???

Take care! I MEAN IT !!!!!

Anna Thomas (Watch Anna's video clip belowon the Butterfly and the Flower)

Dear Br. Zaman

Thank you for your kind email

It is my honor to post my note on Jahan,s website

Peace and blessings


I feel the same remembering Maher, May God gives us patience

Ragaa Hathout

Yes, Zaman, you may post my thoughts. Norvene

Dear Dr. Stanizai, You’ve offered a lovely tribute to what must have been a wonderful woman. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Shalom,

Norvene Vest


May she rest in peace.


It would be my honor.

Beautiful lady and beautiful remembrance.

Parvaneh Kadivar



Julie Pasos


Dear & Distinguished Scholar, Professor Stanizai Saheb,

Having been profoundly touched by your message below and its sad segments, please accept my deepest sorrow and sympathy for the painful lose of your beloved partner of life, Marhooma Jahan Jan, PBUH.  Nevertheless, what personally consoles and calms me down as a a friend and as a human being on this ocassion is your noble qualities of a true gentleman, the crystal clear profundity of your understanding, your unique passion and your genuine emotions for her PBUH…. soooooo eloquently reflected on the occasion of her sad anniversary under the different segments of the very rich and meaningful page below. What I would like to share in this context with you as a modest dedication is what my father had consoled me and himself right after the death of my beloved mother PBUH:  Quote: "Waheed, the death of your mother brought just a physical departure. The marriage and the bond between me and her made the two of us into one. This means that even I have lost her physically, I am still left with that special love that burns inside me and never dies. That internal love burns on even she is no longer with me. That genuine love inside me is so great that will no doubt carry and sustain me after her passing." Unquote.       

Please kindly accept the You Tube Link below: as a modest dedication: "Nice Romantic Pashto Song" on my part on this sad occasion in her great and everlasting memories!!

With the renewal of my best wishes for your continued good health and many successes, and Peace Be Upon Your Beloved Parter of Life, Marhooma Jahan Jan!!

With My Utmost Respects,

Waheed Waheedullah


Salaam how are you doing i hop everything is good overther I resive your email I you are missing jahan the pain you are going to I can feel it but I don't have tongue to talk please anytime you need to talk please call if is day or night

Habiba Qaderi


I am sure God is pleased with her.

She was such an angel.

She is now in paradise meeting her Creater. 

Best wishes

Masood Behshid


It is hard to loose your companion, you other half. Life is not the same,and it will never be.I lost my wife after fifty years of marriage. Loneliness is my companion now. I know how you feel.

Abed Awad

My honor and pleasure to have my words included.  

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Carolyn Wilkins

My dear Zaman:

My heart is filled with joy and appreciation for the love that you and your family have expressed for Jahan. Thank you for sharing the sweetness and courage of her life. I am grateful to have known her even for a short while. 

If you are willing, I'd like to invite you to please take a moment during our September CCAIA meeting to share your reflections. 


Rev. Carolyn Wilkins


Salaam Dr. Stanizai:

It was nice to meet you at the event yesterday. Thank you for attending. I looked at the website for the organization that you referenced and I realized that today was the 2nd year anniversary of your wife's passing. You wrote many beautiful poems for her and it is nice to see couples who love lasts so long and after they pass on. May she rest in peace.

Mariam Atash


Salaam Zaman Jan ,  thanks for the email.  She is always in my prayers and du'aas.  May Allah SWT grant her peace and Jannah.


Shah Alam


This news - though quite belated, hit me very badly. May Jahan Bibi's soul rest in peace and  I wish you the strength of keep her memory alive for as long as you live.

You are quite welcome to share what I sent you with anyone you wish.

My best regards,



O My God!!!

How did it happen? What shocking news?

Da falak la chaaroo tsa wakram kookaar?

Zumlawi har gul chi khandi pa bahàar

My heartful condolences.

Daood Moosa


May Allah bless her soul and give patience, strength and good health. May Allah bless your children to strive hard to keep her legacy and memory alive  Ameen

Dr. Yahia Abdul Rahman


Dear Friend, 

What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing your longing and suffering with me. 


Ewa Luczak


جناب زمان ستانکزی،

با ابراز مراتب ادب.

 به سبب این اندیشه های ژرف وناب و تخییل های ناکرانمند و گرانقدر در بارهء « جهان ِ » شما ، برایتان درود می فرستم.

از گزند های بیشتر روزگار دور باشید.


                رفعت حسینی

Thank you Zaman; I would be honored to have my words on her site. I know these anniversaries cannot be easy for you. God bless and much love to you and your family. Blessings, Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D.

Such a beautiful poem, Zaman; and petaliferous--what an engaging word. Thinking of her this morning.


Dennis Patrick Slattery, Ph.D.

Of course, you may.  It would be an honour.  Best wishes.

Thanks for sharing and helping us remember Jahan!

Victor Huey

I am happy to remember her and keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for posting the poems.  They are a tribute to both of you.

Always Love and Victory!


Beautiful.  I can feel into your experience now that I have seen your garden.  The view is so exquisite, I can see your soul soaring out over the mountains, and up over the sea, into the ethers.


I will also share two poems with you Zaman, for we have an attunement.  (my spell checker substituted “attainment.”  But perhaps that is not wrong, either?)

The first is by a friend I knew in Berkeley in the 60s, Jack Gilbert, who became a famous poet.  (You can “google him).  It’s about “Art” (and artifice).

The second is by me within the last year, and sums up the way the design of my spiritual path appears to me these days. 



Poetry Is A Kind Of Lying 

by Jack Gilbert

Poetry is a kind of lying,

necessarily. To profit the poet

or beauty. But also in

that truth may be told only so.

Those who, admirably, refuse

to falsify (as those who will not

risk pretensions) are excluded

from saying even so much.

Degas said he didn't paint

what he saw, but what

would enable them to see

the thing he had.

Bio of a Freelance Mystic

by Doris W. Davis

From the crossroads at birth 

I have ventured purposefully, 

in all the four directions

choosing sober lightness over giddy despair

with the motto:

"All knowledge and experience is of the self" 

. . . and / or of the Self. 

Pursuing art, religion, science and philosophy,

developing innate senses of beauty, devotion, pragmatism and curiosity

I have visited every altar, sacrificing my perspective 

through the prism of each / other

I have satisfied myself that all are splendid paths.

All worthy, unique, opening into singular spaces:

mystery, solace, awe, and the peace

flowing from the truth 

that all is constantly erased and renewed,

as above, so below,

as within, so without.

Dear Zaman, 

Thank you for your reply and I am honored to hear you like to post what I wrote on her site. 

You are an amazing person with a heart of gold. 

I wish you always see and feel joy, health and bliss . 



It is so beautiful and powerful! 

I wish your heart is always glowing with her and your children's love. 

Her memory is precious and my prayers are for peace for you and her soul. 


Glyol Pannbechi

"Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do" (Rumi)

Dear Zaman Jan,

Thank you for your kind reply. I'm honored. 

With best wishes. 


Dear Zaman Jan,

Your email mail made me very sad again for my sweet Jahan is no longer with us physically but she is always in our hearts and minds. My memories took me far faraway seeing and remembering our conversation with loud laughter. We enjoyed our friendship and conversation. She had a beautiful soul. I really miss her and lover her very much. She will always be in my heart and my mind. I'm very proud of my friendship with her. May Allah to bless her beautiful soul and give you the strength and patience to cherish her memories with your lovely children.

Please give my love to your sweet children. 

Fauzia Assifi


Dear Zaman, I am deeply touched by the beauty of your poem. Please accept and my prayers for blessed memories and comfort.

Maggie Dowdy

Dear Dr Stanizai,
It was a pleasure talking with you. I enjoyed it immensely.  By all means, please do post my thoughts, and prayers about sister Jahan. My heart goes to you and your children ; however, I am happy to see the unconditional love envisaged through your thoughts manifested on paper as meaningful rhetoric and poetry. 
With positive energy and high feelings
Your brother

By the way, my heart goes to you after looking at this website, showing your love and conviction to someone you loved so much!!!!!!

Mohammed Daud Miraki

لړمون می د دی ویبپاڼی په لیدو سره او د بدلی په اوریدو سره ډیر خوړین شو. الله دی صبر درکړی یاره!!!!


May Allah (swt) bless her soul and give patience to the family.

Saeeda Pahiz Waseeq


الله دی صبر په نصیب که گرانه ( ترورزیه)

Matiullah Safi


Bless her soul

Najia Parwani Atiqzoy


باعرض سلام واحترام ، ازواقعه ی غیر منتظره ودلخراشی که برای جناب شما رخ داده بوده ، من همین امروز توسط ئی میل شما مطلع  ومتأثر شدم خداوند لایزال ایشانرا مغفرت وبر داغ دل شما مرحم لطف خویش را بگارند ، ما برگهای خزانی شدیم که طوفان جهالت ۲۶ سرطان مارا در هرگوشه وکنار جهان پراگنده ساختند ، ما از غم واندوه  یکدیگر سالها بعد مطلع میشویم ، من مادرم رایکسال قبل از دوبۍ به کابل بخاک سپاریدم وبرادر جوان ۵۰ ساله را نیز ۲۰۱۲ دفن نمودیم  . علاوتاً داغ هموطنانی که هر روز زیر این نام ویا آن نام ازدست میدهیم دنیا  را برای ما وشما دوزخ ثانی ساخته است : بارک                                


What a beautiful tribute to Jahan, Zaman. Thank you for sharing it,

Betsy Elizabeth Perry

You most certainly have my permission and I sincerely mean every word!  Stay strong, my friend! 

This is a beautiful dedication to your wife, Zaman.  I do think of you and Jahan often.  Know that you are supported in prayers and love and that your beautiful, wonderful wife has not been forgotten. Thanks for sharing.

Susan Arakawa

Dear Zaman, 

your response was so beautiful. It touches me that a simple poem could have such a positive effect on you. I am glad. 

Please feel free to post the poem. 

Love and Blessings, 


PS: always good to hear from you. Send my love to the whole family.

Beautiful Zaman. 

Thanks for bringing Jahan back into our thoughts and heart. 

There was a soul 

bright and bold 

within a lady 

who could be quite contrary 

but what she had to say 

would only give way 

to something most divine 

within all of our minds 

(just wrote this now. \uD83D\uDE0A) 

Love and Blessings... always, 

SimranKaur  Khalsa


روحش شاد باشد.

Shafiqa Farhad

Dear Zaman,

You are very welcome! Yes, it would be my pleasure to have my tribute posted on Jahan’s website. 

Dear Zaman,

May Jahan’s tender loving memories, like her name Jahantab Alam (Aftabe Alam Tab) shine over your life and be a source of inspiration for you.

چو غرق آب حیاتم چه آب می‌جویم؟

چو با من است نگارم چه می‌دوم چپ و راست؟

نگاه کردم و در خود همه تو را دیدم

نظر چنین نکند آن که او به خود بیناست

به نور طلعت تو یافتم وجود تو را

به آفتاب توان دید کآفتاب کجاست؟

Wishing you peace and joy,


I am truly touched by how her positive and graceful image is nourishing your creativity, especially in using such rebirth symbolism as butterfly. My sister’s name was butterfly in Persian. Even though her life was short, I prefer to think she achieved whatever life and fate wanted her to achieve. Every time I think of her, the following poem from Tagor comes to my mind: The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough. 



بدرود! چنین گوید بامدادِ شاعر
رقصان می‌گذرم از آستانه‌ی اجبار
شادمانه و شاکر

از بیرون به درون آمدم
از منظر
به نظّاره به ناظر. ــ
نه به هیأتِ گیاهی نه به هیأتِ پروانه‌یی نه به هیأتِ سنگی نه به هیأتِ برکه‌یی، ــ
من به هیأتِ «ما» زاده شدم
به هیأتِ پُرشکوهِ انسان
تا در بهارِ گیاه به تماشای رنگین‌کمانِ پروانه بنشینم
غرورِ کوه را دریابم و هیبتِ دریا را بشنوم
تا شریطه‌ی خود را بشناسم و جهان را به قدرِ همت و فرصتِ خویش معنا دهم
که کارستانی از این‌دست
از توانِ درخت و پرنده و صخره و آبشار
بیرون است

انسان زاده شدن تجسّدِ وظیفه بود
توانِ دوست‌داشتن و دوست‌داشته‌شدن
توانِ شنفتن
توانِ دیدن و گفتن
توانِ اندُهگین و شادمان‌شدن
توانِ خندیدن به وسعتِ دل، توانِ گریستن از سُویدای جان
توانِ گردن به غرور برافراشتن در ارتفاعِ شُکوهناکِ فروتنی
توانِ جلیلِ به دوش بردنِ بارِ امانت
و توانِ غمناکِ تحملِ تنهایی
تنهایی عریان

دشواری وظیفه است

ستانِ بسته‌ام آزاد نبود تا هر چشم‌انداز را به جان دربرکشم
هر نغمه و هر چشمه و هر پرنده
هر بَدرِ کامل و هر پَگاهِ دیگر
هر قلّه و هر درخت و هر انسانِ دیگر را

رخصتِ زیستن را دست‌بسته دهان‌بسته گذشتم دست و دهان بسته
و منظرِ جهان را
از رخنه‌ی تنگ‌چشمی‌ حصارِ شرارت دیدیم و
آنک دَرِ کوتاهِ بی‌کوبه در برابر و
آنک اشارتِ دربانِ منتظر

دالانِ تنگی را که درنوشته‌ام
به وداع
فراپُشت می‌نگرم

فرصت کوتاه بود و سفر جانکاه بود
اما یگانه بود و هیچ کم نداشت


Very touching---be well. Rgds

Nazir Khaja


Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute,

we pray for the comfort of her soul.

Iraj Ershaghi


Dear Zaman,

So brings tears to my eyes.
Prayers, peace, love,
Nuala Briody


Gran ao der shaghali Ustad Zaman Stanizai sab salamoona aw niki heli me wmani:

I hope u and respected family are doing well. I read, listen and think of your wife,s anniversary and fallen my tears for few minutes. It increasied your level of respect in my heart more and more. May Allah bless her and u and the reat of family inchAllah.

My Best pray to your great wife,s and warmest respect to u.

G. Maroof


Dear Zaman, This is such an incredibly beautiful tribute to Jahan!  Thank you so much for sharing her spirit's inspiration, and the strength of your many married years together with us.  Her beauty, wisdom and divine compassion have surely only increased in the Higher Realm of all-encompassing divine love and bliss.

It seems almost ironic that I just lost my first niece in the wee morning hours of Aug. 21 this year.  She too was born in 1952, only in October.  Since she lived in Texas, where most of my family reside, I could not be present.  She too suffered incredible physical pain during the last 8 months or more of her life from the ravages of unstoppable cancer.  Now she's free, however, and I was so delighted that she was courageous to the end and fully ready to embrace an expansion in spirit.

We all move on together, for love is the infallible magnet that connects us in this dream drama and beyond.

All my best wishes both to you and Jahan's spirit in divine friendship,




I am so sorry you lost your beautiful Jahan. It's just heartbreaking. I don't understand why some of the brightest and most beautiful spirits are with us what seems like such a short time. I wish you love and healing. The altar you have built to this woman's love is exquisite. 

Warmest regards, 




Off cause. Please post them on Jahan’s website.


Say hello for your kids, too.


thank you


your student, Junichi



Thank you for giving me your Jahan’s poem.


Reading your poem,

I felt Jahan standing on your backyard garden,

same as she used to be, when I visited.


Wish she is always happy in heven,


your student,

Junichi Koide


Dear Zaman,

I am so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing your love for your beautiful wife and soul mate with all of us. It is an honor to get to know her through your love.

Blessings to you and your family,



What a beautiful love story -- Two amazing human beings "Zaman & Jahan".  Stories as such will beautify the story of humans in this troubled world.  A pleasure to think of a story as such.  Thank you for including me in this celebration of beautiful minds.



"Every moment is the choice between right and wrong."Donia Gobar

Here is how our own Canyon responded in imitationto the above sunset through its own sunrise and rising fog of illusion. zs

Dear Professor Stanizai,

Thank you very much for you most sincere and beautifully worded message. We treasure your visit and it will remain with us as memorabilia that illuminated our little home. 

I don’t think that it is a poem. You know that I am neither a poet nor a writer. It was something that came spontaneously as I began to compose a message of tribute. I f you, however, think that it is worth posting , please do so.


M. Omar Zahidi


جهان رفت، با جهان میرویم، 

با زمین وبا زمان میرویم، 

هر لحظه وهرآن میرویم، 

بیدرنگ وبی گمان میرویم، 

افتان و خیزان میرویم؛

گرنرویم گنده شویم، 

پسمانده و درمانده شویم؛

میرویم تا زنده شویم، 

زندۀ پاینده شویم، 

درباغ عدن گردنده شویم.

بانورجهان تابنده شویم، 

هم ازاده وهم بنده شویم.